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-The financial information you need-
GEM´s main service is “Hoy en el Mercado” bulletin, pioneering since 1995 in financial and commodities information gathered from the international markets.
This daily publication encompasses a wide and updated world financial panorama, including:    
  • Main foreign exchange rates.
  • Forward forex rates, commodities, base and precious metals quotes.
  • Official exchange rates published by Banco Central de Cuba.
  • Exchange rates published by Banco Internacional de Comercio S.A.
  • Base interest rates published by major central banks. Interbanking interest rates: LIBOR and EURIBOR.
  • Stock ratings
  • Government bond yields of the world´s major economies
  • Macroeconomic data
  • Comment about current events driving international markets. 

The information package is enhanced through additional Statistics Bulletins: (I) main currencies (weekly), (II) interest rates (monthly), (III) sovereign risk (quarterly) and (IV) forex rates (annual). If interested in further details of GEM´s Bulletins, please click here to download free samples.

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To download a speciall bulletin about Cryptocurrencies, please click [Here].


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