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Innovative service directed to the investor process that can accompany the Client from the conception of the investment until its operation and subsequent operation, taking into account the current regulations. It is offered in different modalities in correspondence with the stage in which the investment is and its result can offer an endorsement to the Client to guarantee the approval of its investments with more immediacy. It meets the requirements not only of direct investors, but also of financial institutions that require accurate evaluation of an investment they intend to finance.

It proposes feasible solutions to the deficiencies detected in the economic-financial analysis and allows the Client to develop an optimal and realistic plan of action to carry out its financial goals, from the planning, contracting, execution and control of the activities to be performed.

The modalities in which the service is offered are:

Pre-Investment : Financial economic evaluation of programs and/or investment projects that are in the Pre-Investment phase for their financial economic evaluation to be approved.

Control Banking Engineering  (CIB): Financial economic evaluation of investments, in any of the phases in which it is found (Pre-Investment, Execution and/or Deactivation and Start of the Exploitation). It refers to the monitoring, control and engineering control of the use and recovery of financing to investment projects with selected funds.

Post-Investment: Financial economic evaluation of investments in post-investment phase or in execution with significant delays. Its objective is to determine the financial economic effects caused to the national economy by investments completed or delayed in its schedule, which defines the most probable scenarios that will assume the investments in process, according to its initial schedule and the real one, at any given time until its start-up.

Technical-Economic-Financial Advice to Investments (ATEFI): Advisory service that accompanies the client in the process of conception and preparation of the investment, as well as the preparation of the corresponding Pre-Investment Studies, up to the approval of the investment (to proceed this) and according to the needs of the client in each moment. All this is done considering the planning, contracting, execution and control of the activities to be performed according to current regulations.