By: Wendy Luna Fierro, Communications and Marketing Manager of Banco de Inversiones S.A.

In a true connection with the Cuban history promoted and supported by the factors of Banco de Inversiones S.A., the youth universe recalled the events of April 17, 18 and 19, 1961, through a guided tour to the Playa Girón museum, in Matanzas.

The visit was conceived as part of the "Necessary Connection" in the year of the eve of the Congress of the Young Communists Union and took place last Friday, April 26, in the same place where mercenary troops supported by American naval forces invaded the country, receiving in response an immediate mobilization of the Cuban militias and people under the leadership of Fidel.

After an excellent presentation and exposure to shocking material evidence of the events and having gained greater awareness of the courage and role of the many men and women who fought those days in defense of the Socialist Revolution, the young group exchanged its experiences and impressions in regard to this part of the history, precisely in the place where 58 years ago the first great defeat of Yankee imperialism in Latin America took place.