By: Wendy Luna Fierro, Communication and Marketing Manager of Banco de Inversiones S.A.

The work schedule for the transfer of the 15 Internet stations of Bancoi to the NOVA Operating System concluded satisfactorily this month, marking the closure of the first stage towards migration to free software.

As part of this important process, the SAD Management of the bank and its members in quality of members of the Cuban Computer Union (UIC), made a Technological Break to present the operating system and the importance of their use. In addition, a previous study was carried out to identify the most suitable version to install according to the performance of the computers, a Migrators manual was developed to support the process and a personalized contact was established with each user of the updated terminals, to explain and achieve a better understanding of the main characteristics of the system, the access mode, the connection of external devices, available applications, among other elements.

All this has been possible thanks to the training of Bancoi's informatics specialists in the area of ​​free software and the receptivity of the workers to the use of an operating system developed in Cuba, mainly due to the awareness gained about the important step that is being taken towards the technological sovereignty demanded at the country level and in which Bancoi moves forward.