By: Wendy Luna Fierro, Communication and Marketing Manager of Banco de Inversiones S.A.

The Management of Publications and Market Studies (GPEM) of Bancoi S.A. announces the introduction of a new improvement to the Daily Bulletin "Hoy en el Mercado", through the incorporation of three types of graphs of greater complexity and informative scope in the field of international financial markets.

Now to the information package is added a dollar index, which indicates the variation of this currency regarding to a basket of major currencies, using the following graphs: speedometer to measure average daily variation, behavior trend of the last month and variation of the last 5 days. By taking a look at these graphs, a clear idea of ​​how the currency market is currently available is now offered to customers, comparable to any international publication of this type.

The incorporation to the bulletin is made after a monitoring process to the corresponding information, and it has been designed and developed mainly by specialists Jaime Saavedra Taín and Jorge Miguel Fonseca Rodríguez. This new facility is added to the various initiatives and improvements of the BHM in the course of the previous year and the one that has just begun, constituting a reflection of the work of both specialists and the GPEM team in the continuous improvement of their services.

To consult a sample of the updated "Hoy en el Mercado" Daily Bulletin, see the section OUR SERVICES/ Financial Publications "Hoy en el Mercado".