By: Wendy Luna Fierro, Communication and Marketing Manager of Banco de Inversiones S.A.

The Annual Balance Meeting 2018 of Banco de Inversiones S.A. was held yesterday in the Aula Magna of the Management Preparation Unit (PREGER) of the Ministry of Transport, with the aim of exposing the main achievements and difficulties, weighing the work carried out last year and promoting initiatives and short-term objective projections in order to improve the results of the institution.

The critical and realistic dialogue of aspects such as the perception of risk, internal control, innovation and the development of strategies for the diversification of services and clients, were key issues addressed in the meeting chaired and led by the directors and workers of Bancoi. To this was added the recognition of the common work to achieve the renewal of the certifications of the Integrated Management System, the work for the completion of the cadres and the role of information and communication as vital support for the development of services, along with the progress in the implementation of electronic government.

Thus, proud of the achievements and aware of the necessary effort of all to achieve the common goal of continuous improvement, but optimistic about the challenges ahead -not knowing the way and pulling the hopes of possible wonders- the workers of Bancoi concluded their Assembly, beating on this date between calm and tempest.